Blending theater and circus arts, Dark Thrills Entertainment offers a wide range of jaw-dropping and thrilling entertainment. Our show productions, speciality acts and entertainment have thrilled audiences across Europe. Our talented performers have been featured in Guinness World Record and on popular talent shows such as, „America’s Got Talent”, „Britains Got Talent” and „Italy Got Talent”.

We are your partner for any and all horror-themed entertainment!

We Turn Laughter Into Screams

What we do


Discover the spectacular and blood-curdling Dark Thrills Entertainment live shows that have captivated and thrilled audiences internationally and are made to be customised for our clients.


Explore the wide range of various themed entertainment Dark Thrills Entertainment has to offer. From nightmarish parades to fire breathing demons and show-stopping speciality acts, we have it all.

Custom work

Let us bring nightmares to life for your audience. Dark Thrills Entertainment offers full creative production services such as creating custom shows, concepts and decorations. Learn more about the possibilities!