Dark Thrills Entertainment offers high-end Halloween and horror-themed acts and show productions. 
Are you looking for frightening characters to roam around at your event or for a full, uniquely thrilling horror show?
We offer a wide range of thrilling entertainment and concepts, suited for big and small events.

What we do


Dark Thrills Entertainment is the producer behind the spectacular horror show Circus of Torment. The full two-hour production can be customized in show size and length and presented as a 30 or 45 minutes show on location. 


Are you organizing an event and are you looking for exciting entertainment? Dark Thrills Entertainment creates unique concepts and offers actors, dancers, circus acts, and decor.


Aside from our full production shows we also offer fun and thrilling acts such as sinister contortionists, crazy jugglers, insane acrobats, and frightening clowns!